Minister of Agriculture Hon. Japhet Hasunga said Board of Cereals and Other Produces is savior for farmers in the country. Hon. Hasunga made the remarks when he visited the pavilion of the board on the grounds of Nyakabindi Simiyu Region Nanenane national Exhibition where farmers showed their produce, but the Exhibition also used to connect farmers to a wide range of agricultural stakeholders. "For farmers this board is the savior because its role is to make sure to increase the production of grain crops, but also this board buys grain products and adds value, and now have established a factory in Arusha grinding corn to sell, but also the board will build factory of Sunflowers and corn processing in Dodoma."He also commended the Board of Cereals and Produce to implement the instructions of the Government's very well to buy and sell cashew. He explained that, the Board as traders managed to buy cashew nuts and add value by putting them on different levels and packaging materials. Exhibition of national Nanenane here Nyakabindi Simiyu Region was launched by Vice President Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan, 1st August , and will reach peak August 8, 2019.