Lake Zone-Mwanza

CPB Lake Zone is operating in the regions of Mwanza, Mara, Kagera, Simiyu, Geita and Shinyanga. The Zonal offices are based in Mwanza where the main zonal office is located in Butimba ward.
CPB Lake zone acquired land in Mwanza city at Mkuyuni Industrial Area block 4, plot No. 2A/2; plot Na. 35 and Shinyanga (Isaka).
Bohari is where the main zonal Office is located. Lake Zone is implementing a huge turnkey project of processing paddy into rice, and various animal feeds products. The facility is located in Mkuyuni plot# 35, opposite to Mkuyuni commuter bus stand, with the capacity to process 96 metric tons of paddy per day. We provide reliable milling services for the whole public in general at affordable prices and great quality product as per the customer’s requirements. CPB lake zone processing facilities comply with local and international standards.
We are engaged in supplying both raw and processed agricultural products. We procure, grade, and sale various crops such as maize, different varieties of beans, millet, Sorghum, rice(grade I, II and III), groundnuts and other agricultural produce as per specific order. Our processed products are under the brand name NGUVU which include maize flour (Dona Bora and Sembe Bora), rice (Mchele Bora), roasted and unroasted cashewnuts(Tan Korosho) and well refined CPB Sunflower Oil. Additionally, we sell animal feeds such as maize bran, sunflower cakes and other formulated foods for specific animals.
CPB Lake zone has highly trained and experienced staff in food science and technology at expatriate level. Lake Zone has storage facilities with a total capacity of 20,000 metric tons at once. These flatbed warehouses are found in three (3) units of 5,000 metric tons in Mwanza City and one unit of 5,000 metric tons located in Isaka township (Shinyanga), near the dry port.


(i)Mchele Bora (Rice) in different grades such as grade one, grade two, grade three and chip broken. We also have different packages such 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg

(ii) Dona Bora(maize flour) branded as "NGUVU"

(iii) Sembe Bora(maize flour) branded as “NGUVU”

(iv) CPB Odorless Sunflower Oil branded as CPB sunflower Oil.

(v) Roasted and unroasted cashewnuts branded as Tan korosho in packages of 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg and 22.68kg.

(vi) Edible Beans branded as Maharage Bora in the following packages 1kg, 2kg, 5k, 10kg and 25kg.

(vii) Raw white Maize, Sorghum, Millets, sesame, pigeon pea, mung bean, Chick peas and spices of different varieties.


Lake zone distribution center includes Mkuyuni Industial area (Butimba junction), Liberty street, Igoma, Buhongwa, Kisesa and Maduka matatu near Dampo street and CPB zonal offices, Isaka (Shinyanga) Musoma, Bunda at various shops and supermarkets, Shirati Not only but also we supply at the following countries Kenya, Uganda Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Our Services include;

(i)Commodity Storage

We have four flatbed warehouses with capacity of 5,000MT each. We offer storage services of nonperishable agriculture commodities (Godown) to any customer who needs storage facilities at negotiable rates. These facilities are located at Bohari Street and Isaka – Shinyanga it is accessible with central railway lines and new SGR.

(ii)Grading and Packaging of Cereals

We provides service of grading and packaging of cereals and other produces into bags such as; 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg.

(iii)Consultancy services on Cereals and Other Produce industry

We provide consultancy on good cereals and produce practice. We have competent and experienced staff in cereals and other produce industry, specialized in post-harvest management, commodities storage, food processing, value addition chain management, marketing of agricultural commodities of both local and international markets.

(iv) Buying and selling cereals and other produce.

We also buy cereals and other produce with high quality and standards from different places and do a fair trade hence we provide employment opportunities and increase household income of our local farmers and affordable rates for our products and services to our customer.


Available opportunities in CPB Lake zone includes, but not limited to: investment in food processing, storage facilities, trade of agricultural commodities, transporters, CPBs products’ distributorship, agents for our products, forwarding agents and clearing, supply of packaging materials, printing services, advertisements, promotional agents and consultancy services. CPB Lake Zone is mandated to do business on Cereals and Other Produce in Tanzania and beyond boarders; trading on cereals and other produce at a competitive price while considering farmers' affairs and other players along different food value chains.

"We invite potential stakeholders to work with the Cereals and other Produce Board”

For more contacts:; +255(0) 677 073 938 or +255(0) 26 2321192