There are two main functions of the Board, these being Commercial and Promotional functions. Commercial functions of the Board intend to create and guarantee reliable markets for cereals and other produce. The Commercial functions include:-

  1. Purchasing and selling cereals and other produce at a competitive price
  2. Import or export cereals and other produce;
  3. Provision of services for cereals and other produce such as storage facilities, cleaning, drying, weighing, grading and packaging services according to market standards

Promotional functions of the Board are shared with other stakeholders in the cereals and other produce industry such as:-

  1. Facilitating research on cereals and other produce;
  2. Providing extension service to growers and dealers of cereals and other produce
  3. Disseminating information or data to stakeholders in the cereals and other produce subsector;
  4. Providing assistance in the formation of farmer cooperatives and/or organizations.