Grading and Packaging of raw Cereals

After cleaning our facility provides options for grading and packing of cereals into bags of different weigh size from 5Kgs to 100 Kgs per bags.

Milling services

We provide reliable milling services for the whole public in general at affordable prices and great quality product as per the customer’s requirements.

Laboratory services

With a well-equipped food laboratory, CPB Central zone provides food technology services and laboratory tests for various cereal grains and other produces to the whole public in general

Catering services

We offer reliable catering services for various functions from day to day meals to functional meals such as board meetings, conferences, weddings, send-offs and the likes.

Opportunities to partner with CPB's central zone

Available opportunities in CPB central zone includes, but not limited to: investment in processing and storage facilities, trade of agricultural commodities, transporters, CPBs products’ distributorship, agents for our products, forwarding agents and clearing, supply of packaging materials, printing services, advertisements and promotional agents.

"We invite potential stakeholders to work with the Cereals and other Produce Board of Tanzania."