Central Zone-DODOMA

CPB Central Zone is operating in the regions of Dodoma and Singida. The branch offices are based in Dodoma where the main zonal office is located at Kizota area while other sub-office is located at Central Business Park (Mbugani area) adjacent to the parliament premises where sales and crop procurement are concentrated.

CPB Dodoma acquired land in Dodoma municipal at Central Business Park and Kizota (west Industrial Area) with an average covered area of 3.7 and 1.92 hectares respectively.

The area at Kizota (Western Industrial Area) consists of a modern maize milling facility with the capacity to process 60 metric tons of maize a day, a sunflower oil processing facility with the capacity to process 20 metric tons/day of sunflower, a modern equipped laboratory to carry quality tests of the produced products before released to the market and a canteen that offers catering services within CPB community and to the general public.

Central zone has storage facilities with a total capacity of 32, 000 metric tons at once. These flatbed warehouses are found in six (6) units of 5,000 metric tons each and one with 2,000 metric tons. The storage facilities are found within 300 metres from the Dodoma railway station and 200 metres from Dodoma - Dar es Salaam highway. The facility is easily accessed due to its location and surrounding tarmac roads that support bulk transportation to and from the site. The site also contains a large parking area. ..


We are engaged with supplying both raw and processed agricultural products. We procure, grade and sale various crops such as Maize, all varieties of Beans, millet, sorghum, rice, groundnuts and other produces as per specific order. Our processed products are under the brand name “NGUVU” which include Dona bora and Sembe bora. Also roasted and unroasted cashewnuts branded Tan Korosho, and CPB Sunflower oil. Additionally, we sale animal feeds such as maize bran, sunflower and cotton cakes. Our distribution channels extend as far as from Dodoma Township to Manyoni, Mpwapwa, Kongwa, Bahi, Chamwino, Chemba, Kondoa ,Gairo Singida, Iramba, Itigi, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam and the coastal regions.

Our Services include;

Consultancy services on Cereals and Other Produce industry

We have competent and experienced staff in the Cereals and other produce industry, specialised in post-harvest management, commodities storage, food processing and technology, value chain management, marketing - both in local and in International Markets.

Cleaning of cereals and related oil seeds

The facility is designed and equipped with automated machines for cleaning and drying of cereals and other related oil seeds to the tune of 60 metric tons a day


The facility will provide a room for cereals and other produce received with high moisture content to be lowered to the recommended required standards.


The modern weigh bridge facility that provides high accuracy for bulky loads are in progress for installation to serve the plant and the public at large

Crushing and Milling of Cereals

The European technology Maize milling machines installed at Dodoma will provide high quality milled products suitable for human consumption and environment friendly technology.
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