CPB Storage Facilities:

CPB has storage facilities with the capacity to store more than 100,850 Metric Tons (MT) of produce at once, located in Iringa (17,000MT), Mwanza (15,000), Dodoma (30,000MT) and Arusha (38,000MT). These include silos (Plate 2), ware-house (flatbed). Table 9 below shows the distribution and capacity of the storage facilities.


S/NO Region Storage Type Capacity
1 Arusha Ware Houses (Flat Bed) 10000
2 Arusha Silos 28350
3 Dodoma Ware Houses (Flat Bed) 30000
4 Iringa Ware Houses (Flat Bed) 4000
5 Iringa Silos 13500
6 Mwanza Ware House (Flat Bed) 15000
TOTAL: 100850